Elemental God of Earth


Earth (Lawful Neutral)

Domains: Earth, Law, and Community

Symbol: a stylized gem

Favored weapon: Scythe or Sickle


Stoic and unchanging, this stout God refused to even choose a humaniod name for himself, instead preferring the simple, yet descriptive, title of Earth. As solid as his namesake, Earth looks to be a seven and a half foot tall dwarf—arms and legs like tree trunks, barrel chested, and well muscled. He has the quiet air of a man who prefers not to say very much.

Despite all else, at his heart, Earth is a farmer, tilling and planting his own land. He rises every morning before the sun to care for his animals and prepare for the days work. Despite his ability to shape the earth with a thought, he tills the fields, his plow hooked to a team of aurochs. He had a hand in building every structure, digging every hole, and pulling every rock from the fields on his farm.

He doesn’t work alone, though. His family helps—a team of nephews and sons and an army of farm hands work the fields, while dozens of daughters and nieces and a goodly number of maids makes sure everything else runs smoothly. Earth has had many wives over the years, though only one at a time. He loved them each, extending their lives as long as he was able. He could name each one, getting wistful and teary as he did. (His last wife was taken in the chaos, and he has yet to remarry.)

Earth is a virile man, each wife bore him many children. Each child bore evidence of their heritage, stocky figure, ruddy complexion, dark hair, enormous build, and incredible strength. The earthtouch would eventually breed out, several generations removed from Earth, occasionally resurfacing. For any number of reasons, few of his children would actually remain under Earth’s roof. They spread to the four winds. Due to this it is not surprising to see the earthtouch sprout up unexpectedly almost anywhere in the world.

Earth’s home is open to any of his relatives, be they a generation removed, or twenty. An unexpected number of earthtouched arrive to call upon the hospitality of their progenitor. When too many arrive, Earth just enlists their help building an addition on his home.

Earth’s home now is three wells, a grand hall, eighteen homes, and six dormitories, two smithies, and various other sundry buildings, not counting the barns and silos, and still growing. Earth still manages to keep it all running smoothly.

Earth has a head for figures, and a knack for business and organization. He earns a steady income trading his surplus. Merchants are not excited to be at the bargaining table with Earth, though they keep coming back, Earth grown or built items can fetch an inflated price. Earth knows this and makes the traders pay through the nose for his goods. Earth is not only a shrewd businessman, but, also an agricultural genius. Earth has made considerable contributions to many disciplines, developing crop rotation schedules, creating hybrid plants that thrive in any environment, and breeding dray animals to create more capable beasts of burden, including the mighty auroch.


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