Elemental Goddess of Water


Balm (Neutral Good)

Domains: Water, Good, and Healing

Symbol: a stylized blue droplet

Favored weapon: Cestus (Unarmed)


Balm has the uncanny ability to make everyone around her feel at ease; this feeling often stretches to her followers as well. They are quick to share a smile, and can draw a grin from even the dourest of coldhearted men, Balm especially so. She is a font of bubbly positive energy, and few can resist her charm.

Beyond a never-ending upbeat attitude, Balm is also an exceptional healer, excelling with both magical and mundane methods. She abhors violence, and believes that all problems can be solved by kindness and compassion. She also hates to see any being suffering, and has the habit of gifting a sliver of her power to anyone who has befriended her, granting them longevity and health, often tripling their expected lifespan.

Legend holds that Balm was wed to one such individual. She thought, with her vast knowledge of healing and her godly power, she could find a way to stave off death, to make her love live forever, like she did. She was unsuccessful, her pride she has yet to forget. Honoring this man’s memory, Balm has yet to remarry, or even dabble in romance. Yet even with this memory on her mind, she seems more the dotting mother than the grieving spinster.

Balm is the very soul of giving. The opulent palace that her people erected as a gift to her, she converted into free housing, a school, and a community center. On her ‘birthday’ her worshipers bring her gifts and leave with one of her presents, re-gifted. Somehow, it is exactly what they wanted.

Beyond simple gifts, Balm has established a system of farms and magical production and preservation, which keep her lands well stocked. Starvation is unknown, and hunger is combated by free cafeterias and food stands. Housing is built and provided through the kindness of Balm’s church, who hire guildsmen to build structures that are easily converted to houses, dormitories, community centers, hospitals, libraries, and various other functions.

Crime is almost nonexistent within Balm’s realm. Villainous men have snuck into her home, and when caught, are heaped with the very goods they wished to steal. Balm tells them: “All you needed to do was ask.” Thieves have a hard time seeing the point of taking what is freely given, and an even harder time selling their goods. Even smuggling is not a lucrative profession—the gold you would make can just be asked for.

More violent crimes are curtailed by a troupe of volunteer police, most of which bear a more striking resemblance to a scolding grandparent then a hardened lawman. Using non-lethal means, these champions provide a capable defense force throughout the realm. The worst punishment these defenders can impose is banishment.

Trade with the lands of the Water Goddess is always lucrative, for all involved parties. There is no haggling—Balm’s traders accept the quoted price with a smile, no questions asked, and merchants give a fair price. A gentleman’s agreement between merchants prohibits any swindling of the nation that provides the accurate weather charts and predictions that keep the merchant fleets safe. Any who break the agreement are blacklisted.

Balm’s chosen home of Haven is located in a sheltered cove on the island of [COUNTRY]. The cliff town boasts an intricate network of waterfalls, gardens, and paths that do not stop at the fine white sand beach. The town extends below the waves into the Undercity of Haven. Algae farms, oyster beds, shipwrights, and other buildings poke from beneath the sea, divided by a crisscrossing of undersea roads, allowing ships to pass through the shallow inlet.

Inhabiting the Undercity is Balm’s touched, the Undine. Claiming Balm as the Sea Mother, these amphibious merfolk freely mix with the surface dwellers to such an extent—special pools and flooded dwellings dot the picturesque cliffs of the Overcity, allowing unrestricted movement between the waves and the shore.

The greatest feature of Haven, dwarfing even the namesake, extensive web work of docks and ports, is Balm’s College of Healing. This massive structure trains the world’s foremost healers, both magical and mundane. The advances produced here push the boundaries of medical science well beyond what was thought possible. The proximity to this particular institution is one of the contributing factors to the longevity and verve of the [COUNTRY] populace.

It is in this College that Balm spends most of her time, quartered in an unassuming professor’s study. She spends her days teaching, rarely bothered by the needs of a country that runs smoothly on the shoulders of everyone’s continued kindness.


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