Tag: god


  • Balm

    Balm has the uncanny ability to make everyone around her feel at ease; this feeling often stretches to her followers as well. They are quick to share a smile, and can draw a grin from even the dourest of coldhearted men, Balm especially so. She is …

  • Grahm

    Grahm is the eternal traveler, wandering from place to place with no evident pattern or destination.

  • Earth

    Stoic and unchanging, this stout God refused to even choose a humaniod name for himself, instead preferring the simple, yet descriptive, title of Earth. As solid as his namesake, Earth looks to be a seven and a half foot tall dwarf—arms and legs like tree …

  • Eureka

    Eureka, God of Innovation lives on the Isle/Plane of Sanctuary. There he has formed a college of intelligent, curious, forward-thinking clans. Their goal is to continually seek out the creation of new ideas.