Vial of Pressurized Air


Craft Wondrous Item Gust of Wind – Use Activated Spell Level 1st * Caster Level 1st * 2,000 gp = 2,000 gp


The Vial of Pressurized Air is a tiny, slim bottle created by Dr. Regrette to act as the propellant for his bolt pistol. The vial fits into a small hollow in the grip of the weapon and threads into the trigger mechanism. A depression stopper allows for only a short burst of air and cannot cause an extended gust. Annoyed with tiresome hand crossbows, Dr. Regrette sought a means to streamline the reloading process and bypass the need to haul back on a bow string. The Vial of pressurized Air has also proven to be useful as a means extinguish small flames or scatter light objects at a short distance.

Vial of Pressurized Air

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