Spring Bolt Rifle

Another Crossbow Alternative

weapon (ranged)

The Spring Bolt Rifle is the equivalent of any Light or heavier crossbow. They need for a long spring in the barrel requires an elongation of the weapon. Thus, all spring bolt rifles are effectively twice the size of their crossbow equivalent and weigh roughly two to four pounds more. GM discretion is advised when allowing spring based ranged weapons as a stored spring left compressed stands to lose its elasticity and potentially foul the weapon.


Once again seeking an improvement on crossbow design, Dr. Regrette devised the long barreled spring bolt rifle. A high pressure spring has been affixed within the hollow of the weapon and, when not compressed, the spring takes up approximately three-quarters the length of the hollow. The spring is drawn back by a knob on the left side of the weapon. Beneath the firing chamber is a small hollow housing a ramrod used for front loading quarrels. As the fletching of the ammunition is forced down the hollow a ramrod is required to ensure the quarrel is driven down to the compressed spring so as to achieve maximum range of fire. The spring bolt rifle is another example of an easy-to-store variant on the crossbow that manages to avoid the hefty cost of implemented magic items.

Spring Bolt Rifle

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