Magma powered, self-reloading crossbow

weapon (ranged)

Devlin, Heavy

Two-handed Exotic Ranged Weapon

Devlin, Light

Two-handed Exotic Ranged Weapon

Devlin, Hand

One-handed Exotic Ranged Weapon

Superheated Storage Vial and Specialized Coolant Skin set



Created by the artificer Devlin for the Brothers Pymm, this ingenious device combines gnomish clockworks, arcane enhancements, magma, and violence in one very dangerous package. Utilizing superheated storage vials, the Devlin is loaded with still molten rock. This magma is used as both fuel and ammunition for the Devlin. When primed, magma is moved from the storage vial to a mold in the shaping chamber and blasted with a jet of water, the resulting steam is contained and used for propulsion, while the outer cooled layer of the magma is used as a shell to contain the semi-molten quarrel formed in the mold. The quarrel is then chambered in the barrel.

When the devlin is fired, the stored steam is used to create a jet of hot air that propels the semi-molten quarrel from its shell, while excess steam is expelled to reduce recoil. The act of releasing the trigger then causes the shell to be expended and any excess steam to bleed off, as well as begins the process to prime another round.

Normal Devlins fire five shots before the superheated storage vial and the specialized coolant skin need to be replaced.

Available in three different sizes.

Care and Usage Instructions

Pymm Industries® recommends that you do not aim the Devlin© at any sentient being. Do not point at eyes or face. Do not cover steam bleed valve™ or recoil reduction system™. Burns have been known to occur. Do not tamper with or modify the Devlin©. Do not attempt to refill or reuse the superheated storage vials™ or specialized coolant skins™, any attempts to do so should cause accidental discharge. It is recommended that a user fire any remaining rounds before storing the Devlin©. Before prolonged storage, it is recommended that the user clean the system by loading just a specialized coolant skin™ and cycling the system at least five times. Catastrophic failure™ has been known to occur. Pymm Industries® claims no liability for any incident, use at your own risk.

TM™, R®, C©.


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