Bolt Pistol

A light alternative to the hand crossbow.

weapon (ranged)

The Bolt Pistol is identical in function to the Hand Crossbow. It is significantly more expensive as a Vial of Pressurized Air is required as a propellant.


The Bolt Pistol was created by Dr. Regrette as an alternative to the hand crossbow. Without the bow and string the bolt pistol is a slender ranged weapon much easier to store and manipulate for it’s wielder. Consisting of a hollowed stock and grip, the bolt pistol required a degree of crafting ingenuity to focus the air through the weapon and propel the bolt without too much loss of pressure at various points along the delivery system. The bolt pistol can be front or rear loaded with ammunition. A levered slide at the rear of the weapon allows for bolts to be loaded rapidly without too much damage to fletching potentially cause by front-loading bolts. Dr. Regrette’s particular bolt pistol contains a second hollow below the first chambered to store a single wand for activation straight from the weapon.

Bolt Pistol

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